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WPS Pay: the smartest online payment method around

WPS Pay, the smarter parking payment method, takes the customer experience to the next level by optimizing the parking convenience for parkers. WPS-Pay is a modern payment method, offering easy and instant payment of the parking fee by mobile phone. Searching for a paystation or waiting in the queue now belongs to the past.

Ultimate user experience

Guests no longer need to stand in line to pay, nor do they have to download an app or create an account; scanning the QR code is sufficient to make payments online. The WPS Pay platform is user-friendly and supports all commonly used payment options, including credit cards and direct banking transactions.

A modern payment method

WPS Pay is a modern and smart payment method. There’s no need to install an app: parking customers pay using their mobile phone by simply scanning the QR code of their parking pass. Users are automatically forwarded to the WPS Pay platform, pay, and can exit the parking facility without delay.

Pay & Connect

WPS Pay provides operators with additional options to promote repeat visits, for example through Pay & Connect subscriptions. A subscription ensures an even better customer experience, because users can automatically enter and exit during future visits based on their license plate. All visitors need to do is register using their email address and vehicle registration details or QR code.

The benefits of WPS Pay for operators:


  • Increasing user experience: WPS-Pay increases the convenience for consumers, enhancing the parking experience in the parking facility.
  • Lowering TCO: WPS-pay reduces the need for pay stations, lowering the need for cash money in the garages. This adds to the safety of visitors and staff and lowers the total cost of ownership.
  • Free of charge: WPS-Pay is free of charge for operators and comes with a free of charge update of the ParkiD parking management software. A competitive convenience fee is calculated for each transaction.
  • Location independent: WPS-Pay can be used in every garage with a WPS system.
  • Regular transfer: Revenues from WPS-Pay are regular transferred to the operator.
  • No additional contracts: With WPS-Pay there are no additional contracts needed with the payment provider.



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