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A user-friendly, innovative, and smart discount platform that can be used in a variety of ways, ValID comprises an online, cloud-based discount application that enables businesses – including retailers, supermarkets, food service outlets, hotels, theaters, movie theaters, gyms, and other facilities – to easily offer discounts to their paying customers without assistance and independently of the WPS parking management system.

The ValID system is designed to provide a variety of discounts, including fixed charges, a percentage of the parking duration, a time unit, or an exclusive discount. ValID uses the network infrastructure already in place, computer hardware, or mobile equipment, which means it is flexible and requires only a modest investment. The platform, which can be used for one or more parking facilities, provides a management back-end for parking operators with detailed real-time usage data. The software records all operations in reports; this does not require any special hardware.

Once a visitor or customer has presented their short-term parking pass to an affiliated business, the pass is scanned, after which the business selects one of the predefined discounts with a single push of the button. The discount is instantly processed in the parking management system and is visible to the visitor when they go to pay at the payment terminal.

Benefits for operators

  • ValID suits the needs of a wide variety of companies in enabling bespoke customer parking discounts/validations;
  • ValID can be used for one or more parking facilities - essential in larger towns or city centres;
  • The management back-end provides both users and car park operators with accurate and detailed real-time insights into use of the application;
  • With the push of a button, retailers and leisure providers can grant simple, fast and accurate discounts to car park users;
  • The app can be used anytime and anywhere, with the only requirement being a WiFi internet connection;
  • Low operating costs: the ValID module can make use of the existing network, infrastructure and equipment;
  • Validations and discounts are processed directly online, providing a real-time solution;
  • Online pre-payment removes any need for account administration;

Benefits for end users

  • The management back-end provides both users and car park operators with accurate and detailed real-time insights into use of the application.



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