SHPV is a national organization of municipalities. SHPV manage a digital platform for accessing and processing parking and residence rights and taxes. They provide services for public parking and accommodation with reliable (open) data. Services contribute to the formulation of municipal policy, enforcement and applications in collaboration with providers of mobility applications.

Benefits for operators

For parking providers, the SHPV means a reduction in administrative burdens. Due to the more efficient way of working, purchasing parking rights via the SHPV is cheaper. The advantages at a glance: you get access to the entire catchment area of the affiliated municipalities and parking companies in one go. When many municipalities join, this can mean that you get almost national coverage for your services in one go.

  • Orders for purchasing parking rights go through one central point;
  • Access to the area of affiliated municipalities.

Benefits for municipalities

Why is the SHPV interesting for you as a municipality to join and become a member? The SHPV mediates for you, takes care of everything and innovates with new products and possibilities. The SHPV also ensures a legal financial settlement with an adequate audit report and participate for you in a knowledge network of municipalities that are all engaged in the digitization of the parking chain.

  • Administrative burden reduction.



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