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Providing motorists with the widest choice of how to pay for parking

Making it easy for the customer to choose their way of payment is important. 

The Parkmobile platform in combination with our WPS system makes this possible. The visitor starts his parking action at the entrance of the parking garage. Here one is given the choice to enter via a parking ticket, with a bank card or to use a parking app. If the visitor chooses the parking app, one will be able to choose the payment app of choice. This is especially convenient if, for example, you want to keep private and business parking separate. The customer starts one's parking action at the WPS terminal. The WPS system and the parking app take care of the rest, fully automatical. The customer does not need anything else. When leaving, the customer does not have to do anything, the parking action is concluded based on license plate recognition. 

Parkmobile has been facilitating municipalities in parking needs since 2000. For example, the company is working on various initiatives to make garage parking easier.

'The more garages we can help with the integration of digital parking, the better. We prefer to offer ticket-free garage parking everywhere, based on license plate recognition, as the smoothest parking experience. However, this is technically not yet possible in every garage. The great thing is that the collaboration with WPS makes ticketless parking possible.'

Benefits for operators

  • Allows to keep distinction between private and business parking; 
  • Facilitates ticketless parking.

Benefits for end users

  • Park and pay in garages using a ParkMobile link and the ParkMobile parking app.



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