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Operators and managers of parking facilities and high-traffic spaces face a variety of challenges. Parking facility managers are always looking for ways to improve customer experience, increase utilization rates, and maximize revenues. At the same time, downtown areas are becoming busier all the time and during events such as music and other festivals, sporting matches, and conferences and conventions, full parking facilities and congested roads can lead to chaos.

This is why having consumers book parking spaces online and in real time is not just advisable; it may even be essential. It also meets the growing need of consumers to manage everything conveniently and reliably online, at times that suit them and at competitive prices. WPS Parking Solutions’ online Parking Webshop provides the solution to this problem. The ready-to-use and highly secure e-commerce website can easily be integrated into existing websites and is easy to use for consumers.

Specialized e-commerce software

Our Parking webshop is created on a leading e-commerce software platform: secure, solid, and reliable for operators and consumers alike. The store was designed to be seamlessly integrated into an existing website, but can also be used on a standalone basis. Our range of dedicated and flexible parking products meets all the needs and preferences of parking operators. Our online store provides real-time information to consumers on available parking spaces, current offers, and the validity of these offers.

Parking products

Depending on the expected level of activity, you may set higher or lower rates at different times. Season tickets and the purchase of parking products in bulk are also among the options available. Potential parking products include:

  • Event tickets providing access to the parking facility during events;
  • Conference tickets providing access to the parking facility during a specific period;
  • A card consumers charge up with time or money to cover their parking costs.

Benefits for operators

  • Maximum management benefits: Our online store provides full support to parking operators. The convenient and highly functional ready-to-use platform is easy to use and provides additional options for maximizing parking revenues and utilization rates;
  • Cloud-based reports: Both customized reports and templates are always available from our online store;
  • Local Connections: Any parking products purchased, changes, and cancellations are processed in real time.

Benefits for end users

  • Optimal customer experience: Your clients also get to benefit, as our web portal, with its distinct branding, is intuitive and user-friendly. It takes just one push of a button to pull up all information on available parking spaces and parking history in real time, making it perfect for last-minute reservations.


Parking Webshop

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