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The WPS ParkBee integration connects your location and drives additional income instantly

Many locations have a lot of vacancies and peak and low occupancy. ParkBee optimizes the empty spots and creates additional value to owners or operators.

ParkBee is the European tech platform for parking, making underutilised off-street parking locations digital accessible to consumers. Our solution provides consumers with a wide and dense network of off-street parking spaces, whilst helping cities to make better use of under-utilised space and offering property owners with an extra income using our smart technology.    

With over 500 connected parking locations in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany  and numerous partnerships with parking and mobility apps like Parkmobile, Yellowbrick RingGo and Justpark, ParkBee reaches millions of users. And provides a fully digital and flexible stream for additional revenue to your car park.

Explore some of our valued clients benefiting from ParkBee:

ADAM Toren marketplace

Benefits for operators

  • Reach an extensive userbase;
  • Generate additional revenue;
  • Digitalise your car park;
  • Flexible;
  • Contribute to make cities more liveable.

Benefits for end users

  • Affordable parking (30% cheaper than street, or other off-street parking);
  • Large network of off-street parking locations close to destination;
  • Park directly with your favourite parking app or booking platform (Parkmobile, Yellowbrick, Justpark, Yourparkingpsace, RingGo, PaybyPhone, and many more).



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