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One-stop-shop to become a full digital mobility hub

MOBIAN quickly upgrades your parking in a one-stop-shop solution to a true mobility hub which you will not only expand your services within your parking garage, but also will increase your sales radius up to 6 km. Next to that, your garage directly contributes to a sustainable and livable environment.

MOBIAN can upgrade your packing ring in 5 simple steps. 

Step 1: In collaboration with WPS, we digitize your parking facility to paperless cloud-based access. Your hardware solution is linked to MOBIAN’S Mobility Hub Management System in which you can use price management, occupancy management and other settings.

Step 2: Together with MOBIAN you determine the (last mile) mobilities that you would like to see on your hub. Think of bicycles, e-bikes, scooters, cars, but also tram/metro tickets or bus tickets. All mobilities are pre-bookable, digitally accessible and can be operated via one handy App. All mobilities are also provided, including physical storages and/or charging points.

Step 3: Then MOBIAN provides you with a Hub plan, in which a 3D sketches can be found about the signage within the location and the placement of the chosen mobilities.

Step 4: After digitization of your parking facility and after placing the desired mobilities, MOBIAN will brief its control room about the service on your hub. As a result, the control room will provide 24/7 WhatsApp support for the services on location.

Step 5: Last but not least, MOBIAN will make your hub available and sellable to more than 100k+ MOBIAN users in its network. As a result, MOBIAN also directly helps to fill in extra occupation

 Explore some of our valued clients benefiting from MOBIAN:



Benefits for operators

  • By upgrading your parking space to a full digitalize Mobility Hub, you not only benefit from the facilities of MOBIAN, but also, your hardware will be upgraded to such a level.

Benefits for end users

  • The end user benefits by parking his car in your parking space and then seamlessly stepping over a to (last mile) mobility from a fast and sustainable journey to critically accessible locations such as airports, event venues or city centers.



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