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Self-managed parking allocation in multi-tenant sites

As a location manager of a multi-tenant building, offering a warm and welcoming building and parking facility to tenants and visitors is a natural part of your service. However, allocating parking spaces to tenants, registering all employees, managing the available parking spaces and managing guest access can be very time-consuming, particularly the administrative part. The solution is a user-friendly system in which individual companies manage their own available parking spaces quickly, efficiently, and with flexible options. WPS Parking Solutions provides this solution in the form of Business Parking.

Cloud-based solution

The Business Parking software module is an addition to our ParkID parking management system. The highly reliable, cloud-based software platform was designed with a single purpose in mind: making the work of owners and operators of parking facilities as easy as possible. Businesses and organizations can use the web portal to easily manage their own parking spaces and guests. This means administrative processing shifts to individual tenants, while tenants, in turn, are given the option to welcome their guests and employees with an easy and friendly parking experience.

Managing parking space without hassle

Tenants can use the user-friendly web portal to add, manage, or delete identification tools such as license plates, Mifare, or ID cards in order to organize employee access. They also manage the available parking spaces for scheduled and unscheduled guests, for example with a list of scheduled guests who can easily enter the parking facility using their license plates. Through the legal structure, tenants themselves determine who is assigned what administrative rights within the portal.

You’ve undoubtedly experienced this before: the parking spaces of one tenant are all in use, while there is still enough space available with other tenants. This available parking capacity is included in a dynamic pool, where tenants can select parking spaces from the pool through the portal as needed. The pool is then closed automatically as soon as another tenant has enough parking space available. Tenants are charged only for the actual period in which the additional space was used.

Explore some of our valued clients benefiting from our Business Parking solutions:

 A factorij marketplace

Benefits for operators

  • Reduction of administrative expenses: You can use the portal to easily allocate the available parking spaces among your tenants. It is also significantly easier to register and manage access cards and license plates for sites with multiple tenants and/or user populations;
  • Additional revenues: Tenants find the pre-registration of guests to be a user-friendly, customer-focused solution, and in addition it is easy to rent out additional parking spaces through the portal outside office hours;
  • Flexible: As a manager, you also have the option to offer additional parking spaces, as individual tenants can all use their parking spaces in the most appropriate manner;
  • Improved hospitality: Tenants experience the pre-registration of visitors as a user-friendly and customer-focused solution;
    Our software provides accessible information on the total use of the parking facility and revenues, along with reports for tenants as an appendix to the invoice.

Benefits for end users

  • Flexibility and control: The portal provides your tenants with additional convenience, flexibility, and control, hospitality is enhanced, and tenants pay only for the actual time during which additional parking spaces are needed;
  • Improved hospitality: Guests are granted automatic access if they are listed in the system, including a welcome message and confirmation email. The system stores the names of regular guests, so that they have even more rapid access during a future visit. They manage all this using their own unique login for the web portal from any PC, tablet or smartphone;
  • Ease of use: Tenants manage their own parking spaces and use the non-allocated parking spaces without assistance from the operator. This is particularly convenient when tenants welcome additional guests at various events;
  • Optimized budgets: With Dynamic Pooling, tenants only pay the exact time extra parking space was needed.


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