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Easily book parking products online through the ParkWebshop with WPS integration

Besite Parking offers the ultimate solution for reserved parking, making parking an integral part of the destination. Visitors should be able to rely on having a parking space. Search traffic is often unnecessary, and so is the process of paying. In addition, the utilization of parking garages is often suboptimal. But how can you organize parking optimally?

The ParkWebshop provides an all-in-one solution for making your parking lot(s) available online.

The ParkWebshop is an online reservation module that seamlessly integrates with your own website and any Parking Management System (PMS) or access control system. This allows you to optimize the use of your parking location by offering parking products and subscriptions.

How does it work? 

Visitors can easily reserve and pay for a parking space in advance of their trip through the online reservation module, which guarantees them a spot. And if you want to make it a P+R product? Then you can also easily offer additional (public) transport as a product through the webshop.

With this additional service, you increase hospitality and the service starts even before the visitor arrives. In addition, the system provides insight into the parking capacity and utilization of your parking lot(s), giving you a better understanding of the needs of your visitors. By knowing who is booking and therefore visiting your parking location, you have the opportunity for, for example, targeted marketing campaigns or the offering of additional services.

The strength of the ParkWebshop is the ability to segment by goals and target groups. For example, you can offer a day ticket for regular visitors, provide exhibitors with specific parking spaces, offer residents a subscription and provide business visitors with special parking facilities. The ParkWebshop is a standard SaaS application, but behaves like a custom solution for your situation.

Benefits for operators

  • Control over the use of your parking lot: automating the process provides real-time insight into current and future usage of the area.
  • Reliable payment transactions: prepayment and online payment prevent hassle with on-site payments.
  • The ability to (pre)communicate with your customers: knowing who is parking allows you to send targeted information.
  • Influencing your visitor traffic: easily provide your customers with personalized route advice.
  • Utilizing targeted marketing: gain genuine insights into your customers through customer and booking data.

Extra features

ParkScanapp, key points and benefits of our smart parking solution:

  • Improved accessibility of events: By converting every location into a (temporary) parking lot, you prevent traffic congestion and enhance the accessibility of events.
  • Paperless parking experience: The ParkScanapp reduces paperwork by sending parking tickets via email, which is not only environmentally friendly but also increases the efficiency of collecting parking fees.
  • Convenience for visitors: Visitors can easily display their parking tickets via their mobile phones, eliminating the need for paper tickets. This applies to locations with boom barriers as well as (temporary) parking lots without this facility.
  • Mobile scanning solution: For sites without traditional infrastructure, we offer a mobile scanning solution. This allows any location to be instantly converted into a functional parking lot.
  • Efficient ticket control: Your parking attendants are equipped with smartphones at the entrance, enabling them to quickly and easily scan the presented tickets. The scalability of the app on both iOS and Android makes it easy to scale up the scanning process.

Benefits for end users

  • A positive visitor experience: Being able to easily reserve a parking space with the right information ensures a satisfied customer.
  • Optimal parking experience: The customer avoids the queue for paying the parking ticket and can quickly get into the car after a lovely evening.
  • All information in one place: The customer finds all the information in the ParkWebshop, eliminating the need to search through multiple websites.



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