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Freestanding Payment Kiosk

Provide a premium experience for your parkers with free standing 32-inch touchscreen Prestop powered by WPS kiosk. Executed in stylish white with edge-to-edge surface entirely made of glass. This design ensures less distraction of the screen, is easy to clean and is easily accessible for wheelchair users.

Moreover, it gives the kiosk a premium look that attracts attention and, at the same time, blends in with every interior. Ideal solution for conditioned indoor high traffic area to allow your short parkers to pay for parking and can be easily to be relocated to other location when needed.

Moreover, the kiosks can be easily combined with WPS ParkAdvance equipment.

Check out the Freestanding Kiosk specifications brochure

Would you like to know whether the stylish Freestanding Kiosk can fit in your environment? Make sure to check out below specification brochure, which includes information on all needed details such as software, touch screen, dimensions, weight, CC / pin options and type of glass. This way you are ensured you can start your journey with us! 


Stylish payment kiosk that blends in with every interior design


Large screen gives space to brand your facility


Lower management overhead due to paperless design


The freestanding kiosk can be easily relocated to another location if needed


Robust and reliable kiosk designed by Prestop and powered by WPS

A Payment Kiosk solution for each situation

No matter the indoor situation of your parking garage, Prestop powered by WPS has you covered. Whether you are looking for solution for a high traffic parking location, an easily to be relocated solution, a wall mounted solution or just a convenient desk model.

With a broad product range you can combine with one of the many different Prestop powered by WPS kiosk options to solve your quest at hand. Moreover, the kiosks can be easily combined with WPS ParkAdvance equipment.

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