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WPS has developed a new concept where participating commercial organisations can easily validate customers' parking tickets: WeValidate. Our service ValiD allows retailers or leisure providers (e.g. hotels, supermarkets, restaurants, cinemas or any other attraction) to quickly and easily enrol online as a participating validator and set up a pre-paid validation account. The ValiD module is fully integrated in the ParkID parking management software and can be used on a wide range of devices including bespoke scanners, tablets, PC's and smart phones.

How does WeValidate work?

There is no contract needed and participating scheme members can choose when and for how long they wish to participate. Once enrolled, they set up an account in a secure environment and upload funds to their virtual validation wallet via an online payment facility. The participant is then invited to download the ValiD validation app. The app has been developed for both Android and iOS and can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store. 

Once a retailer or leisure provider has enrolled, the ValiD platform can be used for promotional activities to advertise to consumers that they are part of the scheme, giving them an immediate competitive edge. They are then free to offer a range of validation options at their own discretion, for example free parking, discounted parking, or a proportion of their parking for free (e.g. the first hour). Consumers can even collect validations from participating stores they visit (e.g. collecting €1 off from each of three stores to get €3 off their parking that day). 


  • Suitable for all business models: ValiD suits the needs of a wide variety of companies in enabling bespoke customer parking discounts/validations.

  • Multi-car park flexibility: ValiD can be used for one or more parking facilities - essential in larger towns or city centres. 

  • Detailed insights: The management back-end provides both users and car park operators with accurate and detailed real-time insights into use of the application. 

  • Seamless user experience: With the push of a button, retailers and leisure providers can grant simple, fast and accurate discounts to car park users.

  • On-the-go flexibility: The app can be used anytime and anywhere, with the only requirement of having an internet connection.

  • Low operating costs: The ValiD module can make use of the existing network, infrastructure and equipment.

  • Direct Processing: Validations and discounts are processed directly online, providing a real-time solution.

  • Pre-payment: Online pre-payment removes any need for account administration.

Compatible Devices

Smartphone or Tablet

  • The app can be installed on a touch-screen mobile device, enabling the camera functionality of the device to be used as a scanner. 

Touchscreen Barcode Scanners

  • The touchscreen barcode scanner simplifies the selection of applicable discounts.
  • Scanners are connected to the ValiD server either via wired or wireless internet. 

Handheld Scanner

  • The scanner is connected to a PC or laptop, with the app installed.
  • Scanning the ticket eases the use of the application.

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