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Paperless Parking

With paperless parking, a ticket is no longer required. Entering a debit card or license plate suffices to enter and exit the parking lot. Paperless parking removes the costs and environmental impact associated with paper and consumables. It improves customer convenience, since payment is digital and receipts can be emailed. Lost or damaged tickets are no longer an inconvenience as it’s easily solved by replacing tickets for digitalised alternatives. 

How does Paperless Parking work?

Paperless Parking relies on effective license plate recognition. Once the license plates of oncoming vehicles are read and registered by the automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) camera, the barrier is raised. When exiting, the license plate is read again and the parking customer pays the parking fee using contactless payment. Alternatively, the customer enters their license plate number on the payment terminal and pays with one of the other available payment methods. After completing the payment, the camera will read the license plate, and after valid verification the vehicle can leave the parking facility.


  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): We use the latest technologies for our Ticketless Parking solution. For example, our state-of-the-art cameras are powered by artificial intelligence (AI), which “teaches” the cameras and helps them to improve their performance over time. Misread data is collected, analyzed, and used to optimize the algorithm, with the objective of delivering an even more solid performance.

  • Managing exceptions: We have created several failover scenarios to keep customers satisfied and facilitate the flow of traffic. If the license plate is read only partially (due to technical issues with the camera, the readability of the plate, or a data-entry error), this is managed by using a sophisticated “fuzzy matching” system. This system recognizes the license plate even if one or two characters are different.
  • Eliminating paper: By exclusively using cashless payment options and sending digital receipts, you eliminate the need for paper, which is not only good for the environment, but also reduces your ownership costs, ongoing labor and product costs.


  • The system improves its performance over time, with the objective of delivering an even more reliable performance.
  • Failover scenarios promote the flow of traffic, even if the license plate is read only partially.


  • With artificial intelligence (AI) the system continuously improves its performance over time.
  • By using fuzzy matching a license plate is always recognised.

Quality of service

  • By exclusively using cashless payment options and sending digital receipts, you eliminate moving parts and creating a lower TCO.

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