• Dynamic Pricing

Maximize your revenues with Dynamic Pricing

WPS Parking Solutions’ Dynamic Pricing module allows you to maximize your revenues by modifying your rates in just a few seconds and displaying them on graphic displays. This is how you can offer variable rates to subscribers or other regular parking customers and attract users to the garage during off-peak hours.

How does Dynamic Pricing work?

The module is an extension of the pricing module within our innovative, future-proof ParkID parking management system. You can easily manage your prices from the web-based interface:

  • the rates are based on the real-time utilization of the parking facility at the time the user enters the facility; 
  • the rates are modified automatically and are instantly updated on the displays at the entrance to the parking facility; 
  • the utilization thresholds are pre-programmed and ParkID applies the appropriate rate.


  • Specialized rates: The module provides you with the option to offer specialized rates. Based on current or future on-board technology, a dynamic rate may apply and be displayed on entrance, for example for electric vehicles.

  • Improved customer loyalty: This module allows you to display personalized messages for a specific group of subscribers or an individual subscriber. Additional display screens can be installed throughout the parking facility which serve as communication channels for instructions and announcements, while the screens can also be used to advertise local events or local businesses in the vicinity of the parking facility, along with traffic alerts.
  • Various displays: In addition to the above-mentioned features, the rates can also be shown on the display screen as a list of fixed rates, a visual rate generator, or a combination of the two. The display screens can be fully tailored to your needs and requirements. All our screens are suited for both indoor and outdoor use and vary in terms of size, viewing angle, and readability in sunlight.

  • Reports: Our Dynamic Pricing module provides detailed reports, making your investment even more cost-effective and time-saving. Analytical reports regarding the revenue and utilization rate of the facility are available, as well as sophisticated data reports acquired through the Enterprise Reporting module.

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