Parkex 2022

Every journey is different. As we move around, how we travel and the apps that support us, are constantly evolving. Whether it’s for work or leisure, parking is often an integral part of that journey. As such, it should be simple and stress free.

Businesses, particularly retail and hospitality, are constantly looking for new ways to attract, support and entertain their customers. They have to improve their parking services to accommodate all their customers’ wishes and have a need to manage them in a more effective way.

Up until now, the only way of removing complexity and increase customer experience was to dispose of the existing parking solution altogether, and invest in a new, proprietary parking solution. Risking vendor lock-in and inflexibility.

This has now changed.

FIND OUT HOW by contacting us today.

WPS ParkID Connect Platform
  • Adaptive

  • Hardware Interoperable

  • Cost Effective

  • Sustainable

  • Scaleable

  • Improved Customer Experience

  • Minimal Disruption


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"Improve your customer journeys without replacing your parking hardware".

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