• ParkAdvance Parking Equipment

ParkAdvance Parking Equipment

ParkAdvance is the name of our line of parking equipment. It is designed to meet the needs of parking customers and facilitate intuitive ease of use. The system design is a combination of the best in the field of machine construction, electronics and software engineering. 

In WPS Parking Solutions, we therefore offer an unparalleled level of functionality and versatility combined with the excellent quality and reliability to which we owe our success. We are renowned for our reliable hardware and exceptional services, which ensures maximum availability of your system. ParkAdvance also integrates real-time remote monitoring and diagnoses, allowing you to easily recognize and solve potential problems.


  • Higher revenues: ParkAdvance contains a new series of features designed to maximize revenues, including showing advertisements on the screen and the latest, highly effective measures against theft and fraud. This ensures your parking facility or facilities will continue to generate maximum revenues.
  • Lower operating expenses: Our ParkAdvance Parking Equipment is the basis of the success of your parking facility. The reliability and quality of the hardware also reduces operating expenses. Its proven return on investment makes ParkAdvance a secure long-term investment for your business. Our solutions contain the latest technologies and ideas and can be instantly adjusted to future needs if your parking portfolio is growing. Our systems are also the most sustainable and reliable in their class.
  • Large number of features: ParkAdvance offers you everything you can expect from sophisticated parking equipment, including numerous options for cash, payment cards, contactless payments and new payment methods. The system provides a wide range of identification tools, including parking cards, smartcards and license plate recognition, as well as special configurations, such as Self-Managed Subscribers and Pooling.
  • Improved user experience: The ParkAdvance terminals are designed with the user in mind and are easy and intuitive to use. The screens can be fully configured and should preferably also contain audio and video instructions to support customers. We also supply a full IP-based video intercom system, replacement cards can be issued automatically, and all current and future payment methods can be used in the hardware.

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