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Parking Solutions for Parking Operators

As a parking operator who operates and/or manages multiple garages, you need reliable and efficient parking solutions to avoid financial losses and maximize revenues. Central management from your control room facilitates efficient management, making it easy to keep track of all comings and goings. For the past 35 years, WPS Parking Solutions has been supplying reliable parking management systems and parking equipment designed to facilitate efficient management.

Reliable partner

Quality and innovation are key priorities for WPS, and our high quality standards and reliable equipment ensure many years of carefree use. Our systems are future-proof, low maintenance, and based on a secure and stable technology that’s not prone to breakdown. We provide 24/7 services and maintenance, so you can use our systems without any problem and will not unnecessarily lose out on revenues.

We also provide training to ensure you and your end users can get the most out of our parking solutions. Our ParkID software platform and additional features are flexible and scalable and can be easily linked to third-party systems. By using an Agile approach, our in-house development teams are able to upgrade existing features and solutions and create new solutions and features within just several weeks. Well-structured processes, clear interfaces, and the latest insights into software design are paramount in this process.

Link to in-house systems and third-party systems

Since our systems are linked to your own in-house systems through a solid API, you can manage all your parking facilities from a single control room and aggregate data with your own data warehouse. This enables you to manage your system efficiently and as you see fit. A link to third-party systems allows you to provide even better services to parking customers, improve operational efficiency, and maximize revenues.

Management reports

As a parking operator, you want to keep track of the performance of your parking facilities. In addition to providing detailed management reports, we link our systems to your own data warehouse, allowing you to create detailed analyses and share these with your clients. This provides you with access to all the tools you need to optimize customer experience and maximize your revenues.

Our Clients

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