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Al enkele jaren hebben gemeente Zwolle en WPS een succesvolle samenwerking op het gebied van parkeren is a network of social organisations with offices throughout Belgium. As a non-profit organisation, offers solutions for all kinds of challenges related to the well-being of today's society.

The paths between and WPS have crossed in the past, with WPS delivering a parking solution for the Turnhout location. In Turnhout WPS has delivered a classic parking installation, including tickets, payment terminals and validation/discount scanners.

About the project

  • The challenge:

    The most recent collaboration concerns the Mechelen location. A big difference at this location is the request for our Ticketless Parking solution. chooses this because there's too little manpower at the Mechelen location to manage the parking facilities. The payments are not an issue, but the automatic license plate recognition (ANPR) is. This turns out not to be entirely watertight.

  • The solution:

    What does WPS do when a customer chooses Ticketless Parking, a solution that is based precisely on license plate recognition, but ANPR is not an option? Prior to the project, we brainstormed extensively until we finally came up with a solid solution based on a code.

    Subscribers now easily drive in with their MIFARE card, and because the parking locations in Turnhout and Mechelen are linked, the card offers flexibility in use. Visitors drive in and out with a code they enter on the touchscreen of the entry or exit terminal. The code is only valid on the day of the visit and is issued in advance together with an invitation. In this way, we can offer an extremely reliable and simple system and there are no consumables or moving parts in the terminals.

  • The result:

    With our ParkiD software platform, has a reliable, innovative and future-proof parking management system. In addition, the system allows for more efficient parking management. All the locations in Belgium can be managed centrally from our web-based ParkiD software platform.

    To fully support, WPS also provided cabling and civil works. We also provided vandal-proof barriers and continue to perform frequent maintenance on the installations through a maintenance contract.

    The whole system is installed in the centre of Mechelen, under the famous Sint-Romboutstoren, and both are worth a visit.

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