WPS heeft het MECC Maastricht voorzien van een modern, gebruiksvriendelijk parkeermanagementsysteem.

DE SINGEL in Antwerp

DE SINGEL is Flanders' international arts centre. As an arts site, it is home to the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp and also offers a multifaceted range within the disciplines of theatre, dance, music and architecture. Located in a unique building and on an extensive arts site, DE SINGEL connects communities with artists and art practices from all over the world.

In that colourful journey of experience, it is very important for DE SINGEL that on-site parking also runs smoothly and hospitably. 

The two car parks at DE SINGEL are used by students and teachers of the Royal Conservatoire, visitors of the arts site and employees of DE SINGEL.

About the project

  • The challenge:

    The parking facility at DE SINGEL was outdated and in need of replacement. There was an explicit desire to introduce license plate recognition, for increased convenience for both visitors and season ticket holders, including teachers and employees of the organisation. In the case of season ticket holders, badges were still used, which required constant maintenance. 

    DE SINGEL was also looking for ways to optimise throughput at peak times, such as before the start and after an event, thereby avoiding traffic jams.

    In terms of requirements for a specific party, they were looking for one that was reliable, with a customer-oriented and flexible approach, and one who would take care of everything. WPS met all criteria. 

    Pierre Van Diest, Business Leader at DE SINGEL: ''WPS' transparent approach was the decisive factor to start working together.''

  • The solution:

    WPS has equipped location DE SINGEL in Antwerp with the user-friendly, future-proof ParkID parking management system and associated modern ParkAdvance parking equipment. The entry and exit terminals ensure optimal traffic flow and parking convenience for visitors and season ticket holders through license plate recognition. For the two cashless pay stations, the variant equipped with 12'' touch screens was chosen. 

    For providing discounts, an API link was implemented so that visitors can get discounts at the register with their concert ticket.  

    For making the presence of free parking spaces clear to visitors, we integrated full/free signs into the existing traffic signs. 

    As part of a full-service approach, we took care of the civil and cabling works. 

    Once the project had been completed, DE SINGEL had the wish to continue to enjoy full-service maintenance in the future. WPS therefore provides DE SINGEL with a maintenance contract, which entails frequent maintenance of the software and parking equipment.

  • The result:

    With WPS' flexible and scalable parking solutions, DE SINGEL is always prepared for the future. The software is frequently updated, and new requirements and functionalities are easily added. On top of that, the parking equipment is robust, reliable and, depending on needs, easy to expand with additional equipment; for example, with a Prestop Powered by WPS Freestanding Payment Kiosk.

    By equipping the venue with our complete package of future-proof solutions, DE SINGEL can always offer visitors an unforgettable experience, both culture as well as parking wise. 

    DE SINGEL praises our precise approach in this respect, underlining: ''It is of course essential, that when there are questions or problems arise, that answers come quickly, or a technician is on site quickly. WPS keeps their word.''   

    In conclusion, Pierre commented: ''What was sold, WPS delivered.'' 


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