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Parking Solutions for Hotels

Hospitality and comfort are two of the main assets of hotels, and this also extends to the parking facilities it provides to the public. You provide your guests with an additional service by accelerating and simplifying entry and exit and by ensuring efficient parking regulation, so that a parking space is available for any guest arriving. WPS Parking Solutions’ many decades of experience in parking solutions in the hotel industry enables us to provide appropriate advice to any hotel on the use of parking solutions and to create customized solutions. This ensures that you and your guests don’t need to worry about a thing when it comes to parking.

Parking regulation

Hotels tend to be conveniently located: in a city center, on the highway, or near a nature reserve, which makes their parking facilities appealing to, for example, day trippers and carpoolers. Many hotels therefore opt for a closed parking facility with a parking management system Closing off the parking lot also means you need to manage short-term parkers such as staff, regular suppliers, restaurant patrons, tenants of meeting rooms, and other guests/visitors. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) provides an efficient solution: on arrival, the license plate is linked to the barcode printed on the short-term parking pass. Guests exit the parking lot within the free exit time stored on their pass. Your members of staff can enter and exit the parking facility based on their license plate, sometimes using a subscription card as back-up.

Various payment options and rates

Our parking solutions offer a variety of options for free parking and discount rates. You can convert the access cards of your guests in the parking management system into a (free) multi-day subscription. Guests can therefore enter and exit the parking facility throughout their stay through automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology. You have the option to offer guests who arrive to have lunch or dinner or attend meetings several hours of free parking. Short-term parkers who stay longer pay at a cashless payment terminal, through the user interface at the reception desk, at the boom barrier at the exit, or through a different discount module.

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