Parking as a Service

Parking as a Service is a rental-based service, which means enjoying all the benefits of using our proven IP-based solutions without the burden of ownership. You "rent" our services for a monthly service charge and thus gain access to a complete parking management system that keeps up with rapidly changing consumer behaviour. A system with which you always have the latest technology. A solution that you can update regularly, without worries, obligations and long-term costs.

Immediately operational

With the cloud-based ParkiD management software and PaaS hardware, your parking facility is immediately operational. The modular nature of the WPS PaaS allows you to design and build your ultimate parking solution. You can add modules such as Business Parking, Enterprise Reporting and API connections to contact with local service providers and third-party websites. But of course you can also extend the entry or exit to multiple entry and exit lanes, add Automatic Number Plate Recognition and camera surveillance. Our full / free indicator enhances the customer experience and our cellular data connections guarantee reliable and secure communications.

The customer journey

PaaS is completely ticketless. Upon arrival, the customer uses their debit/credit card as a default identifier. Payment is taken automatically upon exit. The entry and exit terminals have touch screens and simple wave and pay card payment technology. For additional convenience, a customer paystation can be installed that issues a daily parking ticket for cash. Customers with a monthly subscription gain access by entering a pin code or subscription card.

PaaS entry

Turn your parking spaces into successful revenue generators

Are you the owner of a small parking lot or garage that is currently not being used for? Or do you have an office building with week-day staff parking? With PaaS you can turn your car park into a revenue-generating opportunity in the evening or at the weekends. Of course, the reverse also applies! So too if you are responsible for a residential block and can make better use of space while residents are away. In both cases, you don’t have to be a parking expert to enjoy the full benefit of PaaS.

All benefits at a glance

Fixed monthly amount - You only pay a monthly service charge and are therefore not committed to a long-term investment. The costst are transparent and well-arranged.

Low operational costs - PaaS is ticketless, meaning less hardware and therefore less maintenance is required. But, so many people, so many wishes. That is why we offer flexible, additional services such as:

  • Functional management - in addition to/or in place of your own teams to help manage monthly customers, change to tariffs etc.
  • Intercom follow up- for supporting customers out-of-hours.
  • Tighter SLAs – to include faster response times and higher guaranteed uptimes.
  • Organizing power and internet connectivity – to keep you better connected with your systems and your customers.

Complete unburdening - Guarantee the continuity of your parking management system and revenues with our Service Level Agreement.

Independent hardware - Integrate the latest technology and mobile services quickly and easily.

Always up-to-date - Our cloud-based software is constantly updated, without unnecessary downtime or inconvenience.

Parking as a Service offers you complete control over your parking environment. No matter what happens now or in the future, we help you make the most of your parking facilities. Our solution is installed quickly and easily, is affordable and prevents you from being tied to one type of technology or a long-term investment.

Do you want to know how you can get the most out of your parking facility with PaaS? Then contact WPS Parking Systems.

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