ParkiD software platform

IP-based modular architecture

ParkiD Web Operator UI

At the heart of our parking solution is our ParkiD software. With its unique, fully IP-based modular architecture, ParkID has been specifically developed for today and tomorrow’s interconnected world. Enabling you to manage your parking systems and associated technologies like payments, CCTV, intercom, ANPR and your parking management, reliably and consistently, through a single integrated network.

Developed in-house by our own software development teams located across the globe, ParkiD uses well-structured processes, clear interfaces and the latest in software design thinking to keep parking simple and easy both for you and your customers.

Features and functionalities

ParkiD Web-operator UI

The ParkiD Operator web UI (User Interface) is the interface connecting all functionality within the parking management system to the ParkAdvance hardware and integrated third party systems. ParkiD is fully web based, allowing you to operate your parking facility remotely, without installation of specific parking management software. This web interface runs on PC and tablets.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

ANPR is one of the powerful Access Identifiers (AID) within the ParkiD software platform. With license plate recognition you offer both short-term parkers as frequent visitors and subscribers extra convenience because the traffic flow is greatly improved and a physical ticket or pass is usually unnecessary. ANPR also offers new possibilities for subscribers, such as the application of Multi-tenant Business Parking, online reservations or purchases via the Parking Webshop or introducing ticketless parking.

Cloud based reporting

Laptop with ParkiD

To manage a successful car park, you need meaningful data. With Enterprise Reporting from WPS, we give you all of the information you need to deliver insights you never thought possible. We call it ‘Actionable Intelligence’. And what’s more, we do it in a way that suits you best, with timely information presented in a format and frequency of your choice, on single sites, or across an entire portfolio.

The Cloud-based Enterprise Reporting capability of our ParkID software puts owner/operators in total control, helping you to:

  • Drive operational improvements
  • Maximize revenues
  • Further enhance the customer experience.

Parking Webshop

To further improve your customer’s experience, increase occupancy levels and maximise your revenues, car park operators are increasingly looking at how technology and smart applications can help. Customers too are looking for an easy and reliable way of finding a parking space through a familiar, online booking platform that gives them the certainty that parking will be available where they need it, and at an attractive rate. 

WPS’ Parking Webshop is the answer, a ready-made and highly secure e-commerce site that is easy for operators to integrate within an existing platform or use on its own, and even easier for customers to use where parking is an essential part of their total experience.

Multi-tenant Business Parking

Owners of multi-tenanted car parks are traditionally faced with the administrative burden of managing the parking space allocation, pooling system, employee registration and visitor management of all the businesses served by their car park.

The owners of multi-use car parks, such as universities and hospitals, face similar issues with managing the fair and efficient access of different user groups. Again, there is a requirement for a set allocation of permanent spaces for employees or students, varying tariffs and season tickets, and a user-friendly system to manage patients and visitors.

Individual businesses and organisations want to manage parking spaces quickly, efficiently and with flexible options to ensure that their guests are provided with a professional welcome. This is where the new Business Parking solution from WPS’ ParkID suite comes in.


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