ParkID Operator UI

The ParkiD™ operator UI (User Interface) is the interface connecting all functionality within the parking management system to the hardware and third party systems. During the daily work in a car park facility, the operator monitors and controls the parking system via the Operator UI. This webinterface runs on PC and tablets.

Customer types

ParkiD™ allows you to define many types of customers. Each customer has a customer type. Each customer type has a validity period and a parking configuration. The customer type defines
how the parking system handles the customer. The pre-configured customer types are automatically generated at the first start-up of the parking system. Other customer types are typically created manually during the set-up of the parking system. In the parking system, a group of customers can be defined as companies that have the same access rights, tariffs and one billing address. A company in the parking system can be a real company or another group of people.


An inseparable aspect of parking is making payments. Simple ways of paying without worrying about the transaction are becoming more and more important. Payments exist in various forms, from cash and PIN payments to paying by credit or debit card. Banks and branch organisations promote safe and easy ways of paying. WPS recognises these developments and has integrated the ideal system architecture to meet the payment demands of the future. The parking terminals can be equipped with different types of readers and payment devices depending on the demands of the parking facility users. WPS supports new ways of paying which are integrated, certified and completely operational.


A customer can identify himself at a client station with his licence plate. The licence plate is his Access IDentifier (AID). In the parking system, an access identifier is called a Card. So, a licence plate is a card. The customer is identified when an Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system successfully reads his licence plate and sends the read licence plate number to the client station. The ANPR can be connected to an entry station, a transition station or an exit station.


ParkiD™ can create and run reports with information about the car park, for instance giving an overview of all financial transactions that take place within the car park. Reports show overviews and details of actions in the ParkiD™ parking management system. Reports can be generated and printed in the Report Wizard in the ParkiD™ operator web UI where each report has its own content and layout. The amount of information that is printed in a report depends upon the choices of the operator: he can select items such as a period of time, a series of stations or a series of sections.

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