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WPS Parking Solutions picks up ISO27001 certificate

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WPS Parking Solutions, the specialist in innovative (cloud based) parking management solutions and parking systems, recently obtained as first Dutch supplier of off-street parking solutions the ISO27001: 2017 certificate. The norm is the international standard for information security, aimed at the continuous management, control and improvement of information security risks. 

By obtaining the certificate, WPS demonstrates that it adequately and ethically covers the risks related to the confidentiality and availability of sensitive information in both the organization and its development processes, and the products that result from it.

Information security as a core value

This certification demonstrates that WPS effectively protects the data of customers and its users by minimizing risk exposure and promoting a company culture of information security. Obtaining the certificate fits in seamlessly with striving to be a reliable partner.

certificaat uitreiking 2“Our parking services are increasingly becoming more and more digital. In the current market, we see structured information security as an absolute condition for continuing to offer a high-quality and secure parking solution,” says Erik Dijkshoorn, Managing Director of WPS. "Obtaining the ISO 27001: 2017 certificate therefore confirms our continuous professionalization to be and remain a reliable and honest partner for our clients."

"With our certificate, we show our customers and suppliers that we have organized information security within our organization and development processes and that we also have this tested independently," adds Niels Weterings, Business Improvement Manager at WPS. "Based on our certified information security system, we will work intensively with our clients in the coming period to organize the security of their projects even better."

Leading role

The ISO 27001 certificate has been issued by the TÜV Nederland certification institute. TÜV Nederland is a technical and business service provider in independent assessment such as certification, testing, inspection and training. TÜV Nederland is part of the international TÜV NORD GROUP, a globally operating organization with tens of thousands of activities in 70 countries and more than 10,000 employees. Vincent Schijven, Innovation Manager at TÜV Nederland awarded the certificate. “WPS wants to play a leading role in the parking solutions market and then having the right certifications is almost a condition. By obtaining the ISO 27001 certificate, WPS demonstrates that information security receives the necessary attention throughout the organization. From TÜV Nederland, we congratulate WPS with obtaining this certificate".

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