Ticketless parking in city of Hoorn

We are proud to announce we have won the European Tender of the city of Hoorn. Early 2021, the municipal parking facilities ‘t Jeudje and Schouwburg Het Park will be equipped with a brand new ParkiD parking management system with ParkAdvance parking equipment.

Hospitality in parking

As the parking facility is for most users the end and beginning of their journey, a smooth and friendly parking experience adds to the sense of hospitality the city of Hoorn offers. The new solution will be completely ticketless. Equipped with the latest on ANPR technology, contactless payment, an online discount platform and connected to the reservation platform of operator P1, the city of Hoorn will offer her parking visitors a reliable and above all user-friendly parking solution.

Parkers enter the parking facility smooth and quick with their license plate as identifier. On their return in the garage, parkers enter their license plate number on the big touchscreen either on the pay station or directly at the exit station. They identify themselves and pay the parking fee. When leaving the parking facility, the speedgate opens automatically. At the same time, people can identify themselves with their bankcard at the entry and pay at the exit as well. Motorist that have a subscription at a Pay by Phone parking provider like ParkMobile are able to use the parking facilities as well, and pay afterwards via their subscription.

Online discountplatform

The theater can use the online discount platform ValiD to give their guests discounts on parking. In the future, entrepreneurs near the parking garages can also use this platform and offer their paying visitors a discount on parking. With just a simple push of a button, the discount is granted and immediately processed in the parking management system.

Both parking facilities offer visitors of the city and the muncipial theatre a nice place to park. Accountmanager Robin Wijnen states: “We are very pleased with this new assignment. With this we add the municipality of Hoorn to our growing list of local governments we serve with our parking solutions. We are looking forward to the start of the project and a long and pleasant cooperation with city of Hoorn and P1 for the upcoming years”.

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