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Seamless customer journeys at DE SINGEL in Antwerp

Since recently, visitors to arts centre DE SINGEL in Antwerp can enter the parking facility without a ticket using the 4411 app. Cameras with automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) scan the number plates when driving in and out, causing the barriers to open automatically. Registering the number plate can be done via the 4411 app.

This makes parking facility DE SINGEL the 49th car park where registered 4411 users automatically park without a ticket. The parking session starts automatically as soon as the user enters the car park and stops automatically when the user leaves the car park. This eliminates the need for visitors to take a ticket or walk to the payment machine. Payment is made at the end of the month via the chosen 4411 payment method.

Dries Calcoen, Product Marketing & Global Partnership Manager: ''Thanks to the seamless 4411 integration on the WPS Platform, visitors to DE SINGEL in Antwerp can drive in and out without a ticket. The 4411 app takes care of the financial processing. The integration not only contributes to a better experience for themobilist but it is also better for the environment as less paper is used and cars can drive through in one smooth motion. The great thing is also that this integration can be activated on all our ParkAdvance devices."

Want to know more about our integration with 4411? Check out 4411 on the WPS Marketplace


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