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Re-Certification ISO-27001 Successfully Completed

Following on from its (first) ISO27001 certification in early 2019, WPS Parking Solutions has successfully completed the recertification process for ISO27001:2022. This makes WPS the only Dutch provider of off-street parking solutions to proudly own the certificate since 2019. ISO27001 is the international standard for information security, aimed at continuously managing, administering and improving information security risks. Obtaining the certificate means that WPS customers and partners are assured of secure data storage and services.   

WPS equipment runs on cloud-based software and offers a multitude of software functionalities. These include license plate recognition, online payment options, ticketless parking solutions and a cloud environment that provides the customer with all necessary information and reports. Because of our open and adaptive approach, we integrate with more and more services, thus increasing the complexity of our information landscape.  

Moreover, in addition to comfortable and easy parking, reliable and secure data handling are more often listed as a hard requirement when searching for a parking solution. Being able to demonstrably guarantee our information security is therefore necessary.  


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