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Maximize parking revenue through ParkBee & WPS

We are happy to share we have officially started working with digital parking platform, ParkBee. Being the leading European tech platform for parking, ParkBee focuses on making underutilized off-street parking locations digitally accessible to drivers. As the first parking solutions provider to partner up with ParkBee through a full integration, car park operators can now enjoy the ease of using ParkBee through the solutions of WPS. The integration with WPS enables car park operators to add parking spots to the ParkBee platform and connect to millions of users to let ParkBee generate traffic to the parking location. Maximizing one’s parking revenue, stimulating the use of off-street parking and making better use of city space.

ParkBee focuses on freeing up space within cities by guiding drivers into underutilised off-street parking spaces. Working together with operators and real estate, ParkBee makes private off-street parking facilities accessible to the public. ParkBee’s direct integrations with the leading parking and mobility apps, such as Parkmobile, Yellowbrick and Gaiyo, enables a reach of multimillion users and a secure entry to the car park. By deploying data technology to optimize pricing, leads to higher parking occupancy rates and maximized revenues for the car park operator. On top of that, the ParkBee application facilitates motorists to easily book a parking space and to pay for parking. Reducing the need to search for parking. 

The integration with WPS means that the operator can now easily add parking spots to the ParkBee platform. Without needing to add a black box in the terminal. The native integration contributes to precise counting of spaces, which in turn results in an up-to-date overview of available ones and ensures accurate reporting.

As the ParkBee model is hassle-free, so is the process of integration. When choosing to activate ParkBee on the WPS Platform, the standard integration requires minimal configuration effort and just a regular contract. With a ParkBee contract the operator does not need to pay for additional activations or API subscriptions. Offering car park owners an attractive solution to make the best use of its parking assets, yield more revenue and deliver a consistent, seamless customer journey experience to the end-user.

Elaborating on the new partnership with WPS, Jian Jiang CEO of ParkBee states: “The collaboration with WPS exemplifies the true value of digitalization. Seamless, flexible and a real value driver. With ParkBee already integrated, a car park owner on the WPS platform, can instantly ‘switch’ on an additional revenue stream, whilst contributing to the accessibility and livability of the neighbourhood. A true accelerator for car park owners, motorists, WPS and certainly for ParkBee as well.”

Dries Calcoen, Global Product Marketing & Partnership Manager: “I am delighted with ParkBee’s commitment to the WPS Marketplace. Especially with this unique native integration. Operators across Europe can now easily add their parking spots to ParkBee with only one contract. Enabling them to maximize revenue of parking assets. Due to the native integration, there is no interference, providing operators the correct counting and seamless reporting. And on top, the ParkBee integration can be activated free of charge for all ParkID subscribers.’’  

Erik Stronk, CEO of WPS, commented: ‘’ParkBee is one of the fastest growing tech companies and this partnership provides our customers with a sustainable solution by freeing up space in cities, whilst simultaneously maximizing revenues. For the end-users it presents an opportunity of added choice in terms of booking and paying for parking spaces. Through continuously forming partnerships with mobility enhancing parties, we are committed to being the full-service parking solutions provider that connects drivers and operators and facilitates seamless customer journeys for all.”  

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