Erik Stronk new CEO WPS Group

As per October 1, 2020 Erik Stronk will start as CEO of WPS Group. He will succeed Erik Dijkshoorn. Erik Stronk has an impressive career as statutory director, CEO and senior management positions. Before his appointment he was the CEO of Ennatuurlijk. His experience and entrepreneurial mind are a great asset to WPS.

Focus on the future

Ron van Laar, CFO Dynniq Group: “The experience Erik Stronk has in the Business-to-Business field will help to continue to build on to the excellent relationships Erik Dijkshoorn has established in the industry. All in all, we see an experienced statutory director in Erik Stronk, who can realize the ambitions of WPS and adequately handle the current challenges.”

Erik's view

Erik is looking forward to his new role: “WPS is a great international company with a good name and excellent products and services. In the role of CEO, I expect to contribute to the further growth of WPS by intensifying our relationship with our customers, as well as maximizing the strength of our international presence. I look forward to cooperate with my new colleagues at WPS, Dynniq and our shareholder Egeria, to further develop the successful path of WPS!”

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