• Our history

Our history

Since its establishment in 1985, WPS Parking Solutions has grown from a local Dutch provider of parking systems into an international full-service organization specializing in innovative parking management solutions.

WPS is a parking expertise center with its own Research & Development department, production sites, and global sales offices. We have representatives across more than 15 countries, with more than 300 professionals being committed daily to providing full support to our clients.

WPS, a Dynniq Company

In August 2015 WPS was acquired by Dynniq, a dynamic and innovative high-tech company that provides integrated mobility, energy, and parking solutions worldwide. Our more than 1,800 employees design, engineer, and maintain the technical solutions of the future. Dynniq’s mission is to get people and goods to their destinations quickly, efficiently, safely, and sustainably.


WPS a Dynniq Company

Since 2015, WPS has been part of Dynniq. Dynniq stands for dynamic, intelligent and innovative.


Establishment of WPS Parking Solutions

WPS was founded in the Netherlands.

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